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The Friday Morning - Burning Tab

$ 159.00

A frequent coil builder's dream! Functions not only as an ohm meter, but is sturdy enough to build your coils directly on the meter; PLUS it fires your coils for you, so you can obtain that build perfect before you ever put it on your mod! Also includes two leads to measure the resistance of a length of wire before you cut, reducing wasted wire! 



- Ohm meter - Precision ultra-low resistance (0.01-9.99 ohm)
- Sturdy enough to build on
- Fires coil
- Atomizer error test


Measuring Range: 0.01 ohm to 9.99 ohm
Margin of error: 1%
Mounted terminals: 510 Threads and External Terminal
Charge: 4.2V 700mah USB Charge input
Battery: 18500 3.7V unprotected lithium-based rechargeable (not included)

General specifications

Length (WxHxT): 70mm X 70mm X 52mm /  2.75in X 2.75 in X 2.04in
Weight: 130g / 0.28lb / 4.58 oz
Housing material: ABS